Facilitating your institution in establishing need-based laboratories that help in extending student-centered & constructionist learning opportunities!  

Bringing school management at your fingertips! We offer everything you will ever need to run your institution efficiently & seamlessly! 

Think beyond student attendance tracking system! Think saving of administrative time, increased security, better student engagement, retention, privacy, and achievement!

Partnering with you in your pursuit of providing a safe environment for your students, educators, staff, visitors, and the institution at large! 

If you are looking for digital e-learning solutions, then we have what you need to translate your ideologies into interesting and intuitive online courses!

School transport is revered as the safest way to get to school! Make sure that your school stays ahead of the curve on student safety and security!

Providing institutions with the road map for streamlining and managing the visits made by parents and other visitors!

An app that automates and streamlines the fee processing system, thereby instilling better control of your revenue collection and overall management!

Now make a significant contribution towards sustainable development by embracing a paperless education system in your school!

Technology, Innovation, & Language Learning labs

At Teknik, we assist you in effectively integrating and implementing the latest technology for building laboratories that equip your students to hone their creativity, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills! Our full spectrum of solutions and services puts cutting-edge technology in the hands of your pupils so that they can concretize their ideas and pursue their passion, be it, learning new concepts of 3D, picking up skills to master computer hardware, innovating new ideas, or developing proficiency in a foreign language! Such labs serve as a haven for discovery, sharing, creation, and innovation, where each of your students gets to embrace a different style of learning and imbibing knowledge! More

School Management Software (ERP)

From finance, library, stores, to human resources, our ERP solutions (cloud & server based) cater to all these departments, and several more! Simple yet powerful, this one-point integrated platform provides dashboards with login access for faculties, non-academic staff, students, parents, and the management team. Starting right from the time a student takes admission in the school till the time he/she obtains the completion certificate, this software encompasses all the aspects of the educational journey of each of your pupils! Be it timetable, attendance, examinations, or events, our ERP solutions support you as you guide your students to the path of success!  

Biometric attendance system

If you perceived a biometric attendance system as a mere tool for effective attendance tracking of your students, then think again! These automated tools provide an array of other benefits too, starting from increasing student focus, eliminating paperwork, safeguarding students from identity theft, speeding up the process of data verification, providing real-time access to data, and much more. Backed by years of expertise in the education domain, we assist you in establishing and adopting the biometric attendance system, thereby paving the way for improved efficiency, enhanced optimization, and great student completion outcomes for your institution!  

Security Solutions

Today, the number and variety of possible threats abound! Securing your school in such a scenario may seem overwhelming! At Teknik, we perfectly understand the unique challenges faced by an educational institution in terms of safeguarding lives, critical information, assets, and systems. By deploying the right approach and technology, we help you protect lives, data, and assets, so that you can concentrate on your primary activity of imparting education! Ranging from conducting school safety & emergency preparedness trainings, organizing security site surveys, to installing security cameras, and other surveillance systems, we ensure to create a secure, nurturing, & conducive environment for children to learn & grow! 

Digital e-learning solutions

Featuring a unique mix of engaging content and interactive exercises, our basket of e-learning solutions includes smart boards, tab-based learning systems, software simulations, story-based modules, and game-based courses. These programs are built from the ground up to cater to the specific learning requirements of your students, thereby ensuring maximum participation as well as knowledge retention. By employing usability principles and leveraging excellent instructional & visual designs, we create interactions around the content, which help in keeping your students engaged and captivated, thus enabling them to delve in a fun-filled way of learning new theories, processes, & facts!

Transport management

With Teknik, managing your school transport system is much easier, simpler, and effective! Ranging from accurate & real-time vehicle & student tracking, automatic alerts for entry/exit of your students, to better response systems for breakdowns & emergencies, we help you at every stage to ensure that your pupils undergo a safe and secure experience while travelling in your school bus! What’s more, you can also glean valuable insights on vehicle delays, speed violations, excessive stoppage time, idle time, and unauthorized trips! Such information empowers you to regulate the bus routes, fuel costs, and maintenance expenses, thereby optimizing vehicle utilization & capacity!

PTM and Visitor Management

An institution may be attended by several visitors, including sports coaches, maintenance staff, IT specialists, educationists, social workers, VIPs, guest lecturers, and of course, parents. To ensure a safe and secure school campus, we assist you in effectively managing the entry, stay, and exit of such visitors, by providing a well-articulated check-in & checkout process, screening of unwanted people & intruders, using electronic access control system, and much more!  Further, we also make sure that each parent-teacher interaction adds value to the educational journey of your pupils, thereby inspiring them to tread on the path of success and personal development!

App-Based Fee Collection

While the app-based fee collection system enables guardians to pay the school fee from the comfort of their homes or offices, it also enables your institution to hugely benefit in terms of better management and efficacy! A simple, intelligent, and easy-to-use app, opens the doors to a slew of valuable facilities, including, inter alia, tracking fee payments, sending reminders to parents, viewing updated reports on overdue fee, avoiding manual postings & data entry errors, and simplifying reconciliations! Further, this system encourages saving of paper, thereby driving enhanced efficiency as well as reduced administrative costs for your organization!

Paperless School

Across the country, industries of all stripes are going the green way, and the education industry is no exception either! Backed by a rich domain expertise, we help your school make the transition to a paperless system an effortless one! By deploying automated document management solutions, we assist you to capture, scan, store, track, retrieve, and archive a wide variety of documents including forms, assignments, reports, question papers, grade books, journals, and much more! Of course, a paperless system calls for an advanced security too, which is well taken care by assigning permissions only to authorized users for registering, verifying, and disposing documents!    

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    A range of digital e-learning solutions

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    Offering futuristic technology

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    Software for school & transport management

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    Paperless education system

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    Expert solutions for attendance, security, & visitor management

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