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Bespoke training sessions that are built from the ground up around you, your individual needs, & your professional goals!

Whether you’re an experienced faculty or have just taken your first step towards teaching, we help you carve a bright career for yourself!.

VISTAAR Educate can help you find your dream job in a country of your choice, whilst ensuring that you undergo a seamless immigration process!


Our end-to-end Visa facilitation services assist you at every stage, ensuring that your immigration is immaculate & hassle-free!

VISTAAR Educate helps you accomplish the dream of getting your novel/educational book published through our wide network of publishers. 

Get the latest updates on the education sector, share your thoughts & experiences, and connect with like-minded people on this fast-growing online community!This is your podium where you can speak, engage, and interact on varied topics about coaching, schooling, and the education system at large!

As a teaching professional, you must have often pondered about exploring additional avenues of taking up productive & meaningful tasks?

VISTAAR Educate offers a plethora of unique ways of making the most of your spare time!

If you are one of those who want to bring about a social change in the education space, then VISTAAR Educate is the right platform for you!Powered by a rich set of collaborations with esteemed NGOs, we enable you to make a significant contribution in enriching the lives of the underprivileged!

If any of your acquaintances are on the quest of outshining in the education domain, connect them to us, and we shall assist them to explore a bountiful of opportunities! What’s more, you also get to indulge in a plethora of benefits all along the way!


Give a boost to your teaching career by undergoing specialized trainings conducted by a proficient team of innovators, disrupters, knowledge experts, and thought-leaders. Pick up some new skills, learn a completely different style of teaching, or hone your leadership qualities – here’s a chance to view a new facet of the teaching profession!
What’s more, you also get to speak and engage with former principals, researchers, renowned institutional leaders, and czars of the education sector. These training sessions not only further your own professional development, but are also helpful in enhancing the student outcomes at the institution you serve.
We assure that each training session is a worthwhile and memorable experience for you! More

Placements / Job

Backed by a team of passionate and experienced educationists, we help you bag the perfect teaching job, keeping in mind your precise skills and specializations! Because we understand the education profession like none other, we are fully adept at making the right match and facilitating the best fit for the faculty as well as the school.
Our long-standing association with several reputed schools and educational organizations across the country empowers us to hunt for the most lucrative positions for you. We assist you to set the pace in your teaching career by connecting you with the renowned names in the education field!
We help amazing teachers find amazing jobs! More

Foreign Placements

Living and teaching in a foreign land may sound daunting, but with our expert guidance and assistance, all your worries and inhibitions will be taken care of! We are fully adept at assisting you through the entire procedure of placement and immigration to a foreign country.
Starting right from searching the perfect teaching job in your desired country, to providing visa support, and arranging accommodation in the foreign land, we ensure that you experience a stress-free immigration, so that you can fully concentrate on fulfilling your dreams & aspirations. Not only that, we also assist you in gaining a deep understanding of immigration laws and other allied subjects, thereby preparing you to emerge as an internationally successful educationist.  
With us, you can explore the best of teaching opportunities the world has to offer!

Visa Services

The thought of teaching in a foreign country can be both exhilarating and overwhelming. Before you get started, there’s a lot to think and figure out. When it comes to obtaining a Visa, you can rely on our expert services! From submission of documents to scheduling an interview, we’ve got you covered! That’s not all, once you reach your job location, we keep in touch with you, so that we can assist you in extending your visa, if you need one!
Now no more last minute turmoil or sleepless nights! We keep you abreast with the latest changes and amendments in Visa documentation, so that you can happily look forward to your life’s new journey, instead of being wary about your travel documents!
We help you embrace your exciting teaching career with much confidence & elan!

Publisher Connect

For all the budding authors out there, here’s a great chance to get your work published! Backed by a rich collaboration with hundreds of publishers, we help authors with the important first step of connecting with a publishing service provider. These publishing companies are always on the search of educationists who aspire to become a writer for spreading their knowledge far and wide!

So if you’re a first-time author, provide us with some information about your book & objectives and we shall point you in the right direction!   

We help your work get noticed, get published, and get read!


Edubuzz is our initiative of bringing the entire teaching fraternity on to a common platform, so that each member can voice his/her opinions with other affiliates of the education field on a global scale. It also serves as a great medium for exploring new work synergies & avenues as well as sharing connections, resources, and even revenue!

Just the sharing of an impactful blog entitles one to avail the membership of this community. If you possess the networking ability and wish to expand your connections in your specialized field, then this is the perfect forum for you!

Become a part of this online community and usher in the world of immense possibilities!

Invest Spare Time

Follow your long-found passion, hone your skills, diversify your capabilities, or simply try your hand at a new task – the possibilities are endless. Ranging from content development assignments, book reviews & editing, online promotional assignments, networking & referral business networking, to online teaching & mentoring, here’s a complete gamut of tasks on offer!

Of course, we’ll guide you along the way, ensuring that you are endowed with great rewards for the time and energies invested by you. If you’re thinking of a second monthly income, then this is the perfect channel for accomplishing your financial goals and personal pursuits!

A multitude of opportunities awaits exploration – you just need to get in touch with us!

Social Tech

We work with not-for-profit organizations and CSR divisions of corporate houses to initiate projects & campaigns targeted at providing quality education to underprivileged children. We believe that education is the single most powerful catalyst for enhancing the country’s development and the economy at large.

If you have what it takes to trigger a societal change, then connect with us, and we shall together strive for achieving the objective of providing equitable education in the country! Through online and on-site mediums you can transform the lives of many!

Make the most of this opportunity to do your bit towards creating a wave of social and educational revolution!

Refferal Partners

Today VISTAAR is one of the best consulting firms in school education and we are growing by each passing day into more proficient and school centric consulting firm. As an organization our best times are our everyday brainstorming sessions when we try to get to the root cause of the problems being faced by the schools and devise best executable solutions which are not only simple but also sustainable.

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    Placements in India & abroad

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    Professional training development

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    A buzzing networking platform

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    Opportunities for secondary source of income

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    Get your book published

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