Radionica Zone

Guiding your students to identify & assess potential career options, thereby enabling them to make well-informed decisions about career development!  

Providing your students with expert tips to make the best use of social media for embracing collaborative and efficient studying!

Enabling your students in knowing their legal rights & entitlements through an interactive and engaging workshop!    

Igniting the spirit of entrepreneurship amidst your students early in their life so that they can grow up to show their talent & acumen to the world!

Parenting Workshops that aim at helping parents, guardians, and even your educators, to deepen their connection with children!

Delivering high-energy workshops for your pupils to let them know that they can overcome any challenge head on!

Delivering crucial & up-to-date financial management information to your students, thus empowering them to take well-informed decisions!

Unleash the potential of the young minds at your school, thereby encouraging them to realize their innate skills & talents!

Educating & supporting your pupils on how to enhance physical, mental, & emotional capacities for tackling life’s challenges!

Career Counseling Workshops

Through a host of interactive sessions, group discussions, and audio-visual aids, we provide your students with all the pertinent information they need to equip themselves to pursue their chosen career! We also give a broad overview about numerous other career options with their corresponding higher education requirements! By delving into career interest assessments and self exploration activities, your students can better understand their interests & strengths, and move ahead with confidence towards career planning. These workshops serve as an excellent podium for your pupils to connect with veterans, and discuss with them career related strategies, beliefs, myths, needs, and resources!

Social Media Workshops

For most of the students, social media is a great way to take a break from their monotonous study routine. However, with the right strategy, it also serves as a great platform for students to up their academic performance! Radionica brings a hands-on social media workshop, which has been expertly formulated to explain and demonstrate new ideas for effective learning, such as creating a community to discuss course assignments, sharing study tips with friends, engaging in chats with professors, initiating a conversation with students of other schools, following the authors of study books, indulging in group study sessions, and much more! 

Legal Awareness Workshop

You would surely agree with us when we say that legal awareness paves the way for legal empowerment! Our legal awareness workshops aim to impart knowledge to your students about their various legal rights & remedies under the laws, means of redressal, social maladies, gender-based violence, and allied subjects! We firmly believe that it is essential for your pupils to possess the critical knowledge of legal processes as well as the methods & procedure of accessing the legal systems! With the help of well-researched training modules, presentations, documentaries, audio-visual aids, and other literature, we help your pupils to become empowered to demand justice and accountability during times of need!

Entrepreneurship Workshops

The Radionica family is made up of some of the most passionate, tenacious, and dynamic people, who look forward to inspiring and motivating students having an entrepreneurial zeal! These workshops will guide your students throughout their professional life, whether they choose to embrace a venture of their own, or even when they become a corporate manager! By engaging your students in group exercises, group discussions, and simulations, we equip them to comprehend the fundamentals of the entrepreneurial mindset, skills, & behavior. We also make them learn about how creativity & observation play a key role in identifying, formulating, and harnessing entrepreneurial opportunities!  

Parenting Workshops

Our Parenting Workshops are for all those who interact with children on a daily basis! Through these sessions, we help your faculties as well as the parents of your school children, on how to better understand a child’s aspirations, behavior, and emotions! While for teachers, these insights will aid in effectively disciplining and communicating with the child, for parents, this is a wonderful opportunity of discovering themselves as a guardian, which would in turn, assist them to nurture themselves and their kids in the best possible ways! Through group discussions and experiential learning, we make parents well-equipped to enhance the self esteem of their kids, tame their tantrums, handle their aggressiveness, and teach them responsibility!   

Life Skills Workshops

Specially designed to boost the confidence & skill capacity of your students, our Life Skills sessions revolve around exhibiting a new perspective of effectively and positively dealing with the demands of everyday life! We achieve this by putting real-world problems at the center of the curriculum, and assessing your pupils on how they develop solutions to those given problems! This not only fosters an ambience of risk-taking and responsibility for self as well as others, but it also enables your students to understand that setbacks are an inevitable part of life, and that the crucial thing is to learn from them and move on!

Financial Management Workshops

Let your students gain the knowledge and the confidence to meet the various financial challenges they might encounter at each stage of their academic & career journey! Our Financial Management workshops help your pupils to gather an ingrained understanding of complex financial terminologies and the dynamics of spending, investing, profit, loss, lending, borrowing, and saving! These sessions are a wonderful opportunity for them to lay a strong foundation of managing finances, budgeting for higher education, keeping track of money & expenses, dealing with debt, and identifying common money traps, thereby helping them to enhance their financial acumen, skills, and decision-making!

Skill Development Workshops

Our Skill Development workshops aim to create a rich and stimulating development environment for your pupils! Our holistic approaches can help your students of all abilities to develop a greater understanding and enjoyment of skills that are essential to academic excellence, such as referencing, retaining knowledge, critical-thinking, reasoning, and much more. We can also tailor our workshops to meet a required set of learning objectives, whether they are to help students prepare for a competitive exam, or work as a team, lead a group, inspire imagination & creativity, or simply motivate them to feel more confident in their endeavors!

Health and Wellness Workshops

Our Health & Wellness Workshops revolve around the ethos of promoting healthy living & well being of your students. These sessions help your pupils to increase their learning readiness and decrease health disparities, thereby making them better equipped to adopt preventive care and manage their own health! Our workshops also enable children to pick up a range of strategies & techniques for managing academic stress, pursuing proper nutrition & fitness, recognizing physical limitations, dealing with anger & conflict, detaching from negative thoughts, channelizing emotions into healthy behavior, improving flexibility & endurance, and embracing a life of good health, happiness, & success!  

Why should your students participate in our workshops?
  • 1

    Discover new facets of life

  • 2

    Stay updated with the latest laws

  • 3

    Introduction to financial concepts

  • 4

    Embrace a healthy life

  • 5

    Avail guidance for career planning

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