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Looking for some element of innovation in your preschool curriculum? Do you want to make learning an exciting and delightful experience for the kids?Backed by years of research & expertise, we are fully adept to make elementary education a  fun for the tiny tots 

Making teachers more enabled, inspired, and equipped to effectively deal with the learning needs of the little rock stars of your play school!

Built around the best teaching practices of preschools, these training sessions aim to foster an ambience of professional development for teachers!

Thinking of new & exciting ways to keep your preschoolers amused, entertained, and mentally active?

Our Activities Workbook & Manual offers the perfect solution in the form of a wide range of indoor & outdoor tasks, which are bound to engage those young & smart geniuses!

When you’re looking for conducting trainings on parenting, you can rely on our experienced team of educationists, which enable guardians to gain a deeper insight on parenthood!

Through our workshops, we equip parents to better connect and engage with their off-springs, so that they can precisely understand the requirements of their child!

Brand identity, brand awareness, and brand reputation – all this and lot’s more to ensure that your playschool maintains the edge in the industry!

We create Unique Selling Points that drive progress and enhanced outcomes, thereby helping you to emerge as a successful institution in your region and district!

Is your playschool maintaining a good standard of academics & learning? Are you taking full advantage of the latest concepts and best practices? How does your institution fare in terms of competition?

If these are some of the questions that are bothering you, then it’s time your organization undergoes an academic audit!

In order to ensure that your preschoolers thrive and develop healthfully, it is important to endow them with their favorite and essential tools & equipment!

Pink Tomatoes ensures that you always have a steady flow of resources, thereby facilitating seamless business operations at your institution!

Do you want to know whether a toddler is a visual or an auditory learner? How long does his/her mind take to process the information you render at the play school? 

Sounds interesting? The answers to these questions are hidden in the Biometric Assessment & Profiling System, which plays a key role in facilitating child-focused learning!

Looking out to expand your playschool business and spread your wings to other regions of the country?

Franchising may just be the ideal tool for fulfilling your aspirations! With Pink Tomatoes, you get a Franchise Ready Model, which is bound to propel rapid expansion & success for your business!

Curriculum Development

Keep up with the latest trends, concepts, and best practices of day care, by adopting our unique and intuitive curriculum, designed specifically for the modern-age preschool! Following this module ensures that you provide a fun-filled environment for toddlers, whilst ensuring that they pick up the essential skills required to stimulate their cognitive development. 

Ranging from an array of interactive and engaging group games, singing, poetry, music, drama, dance, art & craft, and other free-flowing activities, our educational program renders a perfect setting for boosting a child’s imagination and creativity!

With our curriculum, your pupils will anxiously look forward to each day of preschool!

Training and Development

At Pink Tomatoes, we have a full spectrum of resources and recipes that would help your faculties, admission counselors, and support staff to gain an in-depth understanding of the nuances of elementary education.

Through our workshops, we strive to energize, enthuse, and sensitize the academic & non-academic staff towards nurturing a healthy, positive, & vibrant environment for the kindergarten pupils. Outfitted with a team of successful educationists and institution leaders, we conduct 25 workshops in an academic year, on a variety of subjects, right in the premises of your institution.  

We help your teachers to emerge as empowered and reflective practitioners! More

Activities Workbook

We put our creativity and thinking caps on to come up with an array of fun-filled activities that will surely keep toddlers engrossed and happy! Next, we documented them in an Activities Workbook & Manual, so that you always have a full plate of great ideas for ensuring that the children always have something new to explore on every single day of preschool!

Ranging from puzzles, story-telling, to dramatic play, and sensory games, there is a gamut of activities awaiting exploration. Your teachers can refer to this collection every time they feel that they are running short on playing & learning tactics.

Offering creative activities for the young & creative minds!


We firmly believe that parenting plays a central role in the physical and intellectual development of a kid. Our specialized trainings are targeted at encouraging and supporting guardians in effectively communicating with their wards.

During these training sessions, parents can discuss on a variety of topics, such as dealing with picky eaters, handling discipline issues, preparing the child for daycare, and much more. We can conduct these sessions right in the premises of your play school, thereby partnering you in the process of overall development of your pupils! 

Let us together make an effort to effectively nurture the young stars of tomorrow!

Creating USPs

From devising marketing strategies, enhancing visibility in the online & offline realms, to garnering the attention of guardians, we offer a complete set of branding support to enable your playschool to reach new heights of success!

We work closely with you to understand your institution’s primary goals & objectives, thereby identifying the factors that differentiate you from your rival brands. We also focus on determining those activities and aspects that have the capability to generate the greatest value for your business!

When it comes to marketing, we can help you put your best foot forward! 

Assessment and Evaluation

Similar to any other business or industry, playschools also need to undergo regular assessments and quality checks. Powered by a rich talent pool of pedagogy experts and auditors, we can evaluate your institution against the essential parameters & standards, to ensure that you are in line with the industry benchmarks. Further, we assist you in designing & implementing strategies, strengthening teaching, and bringing about rapid improvements in student learning and completion outcomes. We also keep you abreast with the latest trends in your niche, so that you can precisely fulfill the requirements of the guardians!

Helping you in structuring your institution for long-lasting progress!

Resource Development

Be it books, study kit, gadgets, or simply integrating the new technology trends in your curriculum, we assist you at every stage, to make sure that you are equipped with all the necessary resources for running the institution successfully! We also keep improving our list to enable you to provide the very best of everything to the smart geniuses!

What’s more, we also keep you updated with the availability of new & unique supplies that can significantly contribute in the overall growth & development of the tiny tots that arrive at your school!

With us by your side, you will never be short of any resources, material or non-material!

Biometric Assessment and Profiling

Every child is unique in terms of potential, personality, and intelligence. By applying the doctrine of biometric assessment and profiling, you can glean necessary information about a child’s intellectual strength & weaknesses. You can also gain valuable insight on the child’s innate talent and gifted areas.

This distinctive feature serves as an opulent tool in your hands to inspire and develop the intelligence of each of the children that come to your playschool. It also equips you to place prominent emphasis on the talents discovered, and undertake the best technique of teaching the toddler, thereby enhancing the overall student outcomes!

Give your pupils a great head start by finding out their preferred medium of learning!

Franchise Ready Model

Franchising your play school provides an excellent opportunity for fast market penetration and enhancing the top & bottom lines. However, before taking the plunge, it is imperative to define and articulate a business model, which is simple to understand as well as capable of being replicated!

With our expert guidance & assistance, you need not worry about this aspect of your business! Starting right from finding appropriate & committed franchisees to developing a smart & intelligent business model, we ensure to cover each aspect of franchising, thus help you to achieve your expansion plans!

When you take up the exciting challenge of franchising, we ensure that you achieve much more than you had anticipated!    

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