J-CAP Zone

Facilitating your students to maximize their true potential as they prepare to become the future engineers and doctors of the nation! 

Setting the pace for a competitive environment in your school so that your students are better prepped for the most crucial stage of their educational life! 

Helping you in eliminating persistent student achievement gaps and enhancing the numeracy & literacy outcomes for your institution!


Nurturing talent and paving the way for success for students wanting to make a mark in Civil Services!

Making CA & CPT preparations an enjoyable, interesting, and worthwhile experience for your students!

Providing smart and time-tested tips & techniques to your students as they brace up to appear for the SAT exam!

Guiding your students at every stage in their quest to crack some of the elusive and big-league competitive exams!

Are you on the lookout of a program which can bring about rapid improvements in the Board Results of your institution? We can help!

Furthering the skills of your students as they embark on their journey into pursuing higher studies in an international country!


When it comes to preparing your students for acing competitive exams, we offer a continuum of services to ensure that they come out with flying colors in their endeavors! Ranging from arranging the best faculties, to offering a well-researched curriculum, and even assisting you in student admission, we offer a structured and professionally managed test-prep program, right in your school campus! We believe in going beyond the run of the mill methods, thereby enhancing student learning, achievement outcomes, and the organizational performance at large! We help your students realize their ambitions and bring them one step closer to the fulfillment of their dreams!    More

NTSE cum Foundation Classes

We firmly believe that classes IX and X serve as the bedrock of an individual’s career! At this juncture, it becomes imperative that students imbibe an ingrained understanding of the subject and its application, rather than merely memorizing the theoretical concepts. By conducting NTSE cum Foundation Classes in your school, we help in increasing college readiness amidst your pupils and identifying the incredible talent & potential! Our programs revolve around the primary needs of your students, thereby helping them to enhance their aptitude as well as attitude! We assist you in every stage of your goal to lay a strong foundation for a refulgent future of your pupils! 

Remedial Classes


Are you on the lookout of an organized and result-oriented program to help and guide your students who are lagging behind in academics? At J CAP, we offer a well-articulated program to support students to enrich their reasoning capabilities as well as enhance their core skills in learning, analytics, and grammar. Backed by years of research and expertise on what makes a student lag behind in class, our remedial program condemns the concept of one-size-fits-all, and instead, promotes the methodology of catering to the specific requirements of each student! With our remedial classes, you can surely achieve great school performance scores! 

Civil Services Foundation

When your students aspire to take up a career in civil services, we offer expert guidance and support in enabling them to transform their dreams into reality!  By organizing civil services foundation classes in your school premises, we equip your pupils with all the requisite resources to excel in terms of problem-solving, critical-thinking, and decision-making. We understand that such exams test the endurance of a student, and hence, we place a prominent emphasis on honing their mental aptitude, thereby preparing them to face the challenges head on! Let us together mould the champions of tomorrow!


The thought of appearing for CA/CPT elicits feelings of anxiety and apprehension for most of the students! At J Cap, we take special interest in tracking the performance of your pupils, resolving their specific queries & doubts, and creating a mindset of unwavering will power and determination! We also undertake efforts to ensure that each child is well-equipped to withstand the pressure of a competitive ambience. Through these classes, students can pick up essential tips & tricks for efficient & effective studying, managing their time, and improving their core skills required for attaining great scores in the examination!


We firmly believe that the key to success in SAT is gaining a deep-rooted understanding of the fundamentals coupled with a strong mental endurance. Apart from imparting the basic knowledge of the subjects, we help students hone their skills of reasoning and problem-solving, so that they are fully adept at giving their best shot in the exam! We also render a 360° view of each of your student’s strengths and weaknesses, so that he/she is better prepared to tackle the challenges that come in the way in pursuit of educational goals and aspirations! We open the prolific door of opportunities for your students who wish to outshine in their chosen career!


Apart from being tricky, puzzling, and arduous, competitive exams often throw up surprises that completely take a student off guard! However, with our rich expertise and deep domain know-how, we make your pupils fully capable of addressing challenges and battling their way to attain indelible success in the career of their choice! Be it CLAT, BBA, or BBS, we gear up your students so that they can move ahead with ease and confidence! What’s more, your pupils get to avail expert guidance right from the comfort of your school’s campus! We serve as your ideal partner in shaping a bright future of today’s youth!

Board Result Improvement

Our Board Result Improvement program aims at assisting you in identifying and analyzing the areas of improvement, potential, and opportunity! We evaluate the performances of the teachers and the students alike, as well as, assess the key trigger points responsible for the overall performance displayed by the school’s pupils in the Board examination! Backed by a team of experienced educationists, pedagogy experts, and former institutional leaders, we support you through the process of enhancing the school’s system and scaling up the success rates during exams conducted by the Board!


When your students plan to study overseas, we guide them at every step to ensure that they move from strength to strength and achieve feat in their endeavors! The goal of our test-prep programs for IELTS and TOEFL is twofold: to help students secure great scores on the board and to assist the school in enhancing student achievement outcomes! This makes for a winning combination, because when your students outshine, so does your institution! Apart from giving your students an insight on the essentials of the test, we also assist you as in navigating the intricacies of the student admission procedure!

How can we help your students in their progress?
  • 1

    Boosting confidence

  • 2

    Following a disciplined approach

  • 3

    Time-management skills

  • 4

    Managing exam stress

  • 5

    Providing guidance to struggling students

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