Whether you want to take up a teaching career in Science, Humanities, or Commerce, we make sure that you excel in your endeavors!

If you thought leadership trainings end once a principal is hired, think again! Our workshops render quality mentoring & coaching even when you’re on the job!

Do you often feel frustrated seeing unruly pupils in your class? Pick up some expert tips for managing behavior effectively through this workshop!

Communication in classrooms is far more complex than it seems! Ensure that your teachers make use of the best practices!

Enabling your teachers to efficiently train their pupils on the knowledge and attitude required for handling real-life situations! 

How do you ensure that your struggling students enhance their performance whilst your top pupils stay engaged in the classroom?

Providing your teachers with the artillery of the latest technological tools and ensuring that they integrate it into their teaching process!

Making professional development courses a truly engaging, inspiring, and highly customized experience for your teachers!

Empowering the new joinees with all the core & practical skills required both inside and outside the classroom!

Academic Workshops

Led by a team of experienced educationists, we, at Formazone, conduct Academic Workshops for teachers! If you are one of those who want to embrace higher education teaching, then these trainings will help you lay a strong foundation of your professional life! Apart from subject knowledge, we also help you gain insight on other allied techniques that you could use to support academics and emerge as an excellent educator! These sessions also serve as a great platform to connect with subject matter experts and adopt new approaches to teaching & learning!  The rich array of skills that you’ll pick up in these workshops shall surely guide you throughout your career span!

Leadership Trainings

As an institutional leader, you have the most immediate influence on teacher and student success! Considering the evolving needs of your school, children, staff, and education at large, it is important that you are always prepped up to meet the challenges, expectations, and demands of each of these sectors! Our leadership trainings are different from the traditional sessions which focus on one-size-fits-all strategy! We conduct separate workshops for aspiring & practicing principals, ensuring that we cater to their individual needs, whilst promoting their career-long growth as well as encouraging them to emerge as effective and visionary leaders, who are eager to share authority and strive towards achievement of the school’s goals! 

Behaviour Management

For an educator, the classroom experience is more unpredictable as compared to many other situations in school! You often need to tackle situations of dealing with a rebellious student, defusing conflict between classmates, or probably managing a pupil who always arrives late at class! While some of them may be easily handled, most of them require practical experience and an ingrained understanding of behavior management! Our workshops aim to bridge this gap and equip teachers with the knowledge & skills required to identify beahviour hotspots, establish authority in class, and find ways of maintaining the standards of behavior amidst the students! 

Language and Communication

How do you make sure that within each of your classrooms there exists an environment of effective delivery of pedagogy, efficient classroom management, and seamless interaction with students? Our language & communication trainings help you in the pursuit of this goal by training your teachers to overcome the barriers which come in the way of language proficiency and effective communication. By employing interactive & engaging modules, discussions, and brainstorming sessions, we help your educators gain a deep-rooted understanding of the unique features of verbal, non-verbal, and unintended communication, and how each of them stimulates a student’s thinking process!

Life Skills

The importance of attending a life skills training can never be underestimated! Our life skills sessions tailored especially for your teachers serve a dual-fold purpose – they empower your faculties to handle critical situations and simultaneously help them in garnering the tactics for developing the same life skills amongst their students!

With the help of presentations, role plays, group discussions, simulations, games, and a bunch of other creative activities, we provide your educators with a hands-on experience on undertaking an analytic approach, fast decision-making, and being affectionate & caring towards their pupils! These sessions go a long way in enhancing the quality of education, teaching, and learning processes throughout your school!

Instructional Strategies

The answer lies in the instructional strategy adopted by the teacher! Better instruction leads to deeper learning, which in turn, accelerates student achievement! Led by a team of pedagogy experts and former institutional leaders, we conduct training sessions on equipping your teachers to understand how and which instructional strategy would work best to meet their learning goals & objectives! We also help them to determine how to prepare students for learning, present new information to them, make them practice the new skills, help them look back on what they have learnt, and assess their progress from time to time!   

Technology Training

Attending technology training doesn’t merely imply mastering the skills of working with software; rather, it’s about making technology an integral part of the instructional strategy! At Formazone, we understand that teachers will not make the best use of the tools if they are not comfortable using them! This is primarily why we undertake special efforts to support and motivate your teachers towards harnessing the potential of technology for building lesson plans, collaborating with peers, using portable devices in classrooms, and several other tasks! We ensure that your educators are excited and look forward to using technology as a medium to boost student outcomes as well as their own professional development!

Professional Development

Are your faculties tired of sitting through the same set of professional development courses year after year without obtaining any pragmatic insight on how to address the key challenges? At Formazone, we follow an entirely unique & holistic approach, wherein apart from providing quick fixes, we also work closely with your team of faculties on real classroom situations, so that they gain hands-on experience of coping with various complexities! The knowledge they gain during these sessions not only aids them in managing the prevailing situation, but also guides them throughout their professional career, thereby paving the way for improvement in teacher practice & student achievement!

Training for New Teachers

When you bring new teachers on board, we help them garner the essential skills and knowledge they require before they take their first steps as an educator! Since they have just entered the teaching space, it is essential that they are rendered with rigorous preparation & support for classroom experience & observation. To this effect, our workshops and training sessions aim at helping them get acquainted with the concepts of educational inequality, effective teaching, classroom management, and the importance of developing efficient lesson plans! We also assist in unleashing the secrets of becoming a successful educator, thereby providing them with the arsenal to meet the unique challenges of teaching! 

Why should your faculties attend our trainings?
  • 1

    Highly qualified team of instructors

  • 2

    Use of latest technological tools

  • 3

    Interactive learning environment

  • 4

    Well-researched training modules

  • 5

    Hands-on training to meet the precise needs

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