Assisting you in all your endeavors of finalizing the school site and other matters relating to registration of land!

Obtaining sanction for change of land use may sound like a tedious task! We make sure that you undergo an effortless & seamless experience!     

Offering a rich set of consulting support for making sure that your school’s legal documentation is complete, up-to-date, and error-free!  

Empowering your institution with the necessary resources & insights to avoid the risk of non-compliance in legal & financial matters!

Working shoulder to shoulder with you in aligning your institution with the specific requirements of the Education Board!

Assisting you in drafting and finalizing employee contracts and service rules in accordance with the business standards & practices!

Providing proactive legal support to make you feel confident while undertaking administrative decisions for your institution!

Maintaining an effective relationship with your key regulators on your behalf, thereby ensuring adherence to regulatory legislation!

Rendering a diverse & dynamic set of advisory services for tackling various legal issues pertaining to your school!  

Land Matters

When it comes to establishing a school, complying with the norms of acquisition & registration of land, may seem daunting! At Edroit, we provide you with a custom package of consulting & legal support for buying/leasing & registering the land, getting the necessary documents certified by the local & registration office, obtaining a No-Objection Certificate from the state’s Department of Education, and much more! Whether you have just started to explore your options of a new institution or considering opening a secondary school as an extension of the existing primary institute, we guide you at every stage in land related affairs!

Change of Land Use

Led by a team of former judges, school tribunal judges, and legal experts, we provide you with full assistance and guidance for navigating the complexities of ‘change of land use!’ Backed by an extensive experience in the legal and education space, we are fully adept to assist you in the arduous task of getting the ‘land use change’ sanctioned by the municipal bodies and development authorities! We understand that any delay in this matter would have a direct impact on cost and the project inception date. Hence, we strive hard to collaborate with the necessary authorities to ensure a speedy process! 

Completion of Documents

You have formulated the plan for the school, but the enormous lists of documents seem to be a bit intimidating and overwhelming! Fret not! At Edroit, we are fully-equipped to help you with the preparation and submission of necessary forms with utmost accuracy and efficiency! We are committed towards working hand-in-hand with you on a variety of documents ranging from the registration certificate of the society, school management committee list, service agreement with employees, land records certificate, approved map & building layout, State Govt related documents, and many more! We keep you abreast with the latest changes in documentation requirements, so that you can move ahead with confidence towards the accomplishment of your goals!

Legal & Financial Compliances

We know that the moment you start thinking of incorporating an institution, you are surrounded by a smorgasbord of legal and financial compliances! Our specific expertise in law & education coupled with established relationships with associations enables us to handle the entire scope of legal & finances for your school!  Be it abiding by the Societies Registration Act / Companies Act / Trust Act, preparing the project report, obtaining licenses, including Sanctioned Building Plan, Water Testing Report, & Fire Safety Certificate, or seeking permission & recognition from the state’s Municipal Corporation, we serve as a one-stop legal & financial advisor for your institution!    

Affiliation to an Education Board

When you initiate the process of Board affiliation, we provide you with a rich set of expert advice, thereby directing you towards success and accomplishment!

Every Education Board has its own detailed list of norms and guidelines in terms of maximum area of land, size of classrooms, adequate facilities, arrangement of physical & health education, and much more! In this aspect, we provide you with a comprehensive range of services, thereby enabling you to meet the directives and regulations laid down by the Board! We also assist you with the procedural steps for a successful school site inspection, thus ensuring that your institution is granted with a permanent affiliation!

Employee Contracts & Service Rules

The significance of employee contracts & service rules cannot be underrated in any industry, and education is no exception either! Led by a team of eminent lawyers & attorneys, we can help you draft, review, and update employee contracts, making sure that they adhere to industry best practices and the prevailing legislation pertaining to employment. We can assist you in forming a service rules book, which would mention in details the terms & conditions of appointment as well as the code of conduct to be followed by the academic & non-academic staff. We can also provide you with valuable insight on other essential policies, including leave, benefits, trainings, and others!    

Employee PF & other administrative functions

As an institutional leader, you are levied with a slew of administrative activities for running the school successfully! Every so often, you may have to encounter legal issues pertaining to PF of employees or other allied strategic & admin functions! For all those times, we serve as your legal counsel, by taking full responsibility of your litigation matters, so that you can concentrate on your institute’s core activities! We also keep you apprised with changes in laws & regulations, provide overviews of the status of legal affairs, identify areas of risks, and render robust guidance to tackle the issues at hand!

Liaison and communicative services

Considering the amount of massive paperwork and multiple licenses & permits involved in establishing an institution, it is imperative that you maintain a proactive communication & response system with the various regulatory bodies! However, managing such a complex network of regulatory relationships does seem a bit appalling! To ensure a speedy and seamless incorporation process, we liaise with these associations on your behalf!

Backed by a proficient team of former serving officials of education regulatory bodies, we at Edroit, are well-versed with the nuances of this field. This makes us fully capable of serving as a trusted & effective central point of contact for your regulators!

Miscellaneous Legal Matters

Are you under a mounting pressure to ensure that your institution adheres to the legal compliances at all times? Backed by a rich talent pool of attorneys and retired judges, we bring to the table a basket of extensive experiences & expertise that equips you to address a miscellany of legal challenges head on! These could be anything ranging from operational issues, employee related, or safety of the school! Irrespective of the size and complexity of the issues, we help you in gaining valuable insight on the relevant laws & policies, as well as, suggest the best possible solutions for resolving them!   

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    Managing legal paperwork

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    Guidance in obtaining permits & licences

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    Liaising with regulatory bodies

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    Emerge as legally & financially compliant

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