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Helping you bring 3D right into your classrooms, so that your students can better understand graphs, diagrams, & math models!

Honing the problem-solving skills of your pupils, thereby inspiring them to create amazing things which you thought were never possible!

Providing your institution with all the resources needed to set up a 3D lab, install the equipment, and ensure that it is properly maintained!

Offering excellent prototyping services for your institution, thereby providing a boost to your students’ designing & engineering skills!

Assisting you in transcending the traditional ways of education and instead adopting the futuristic technology of Stereoscopic 3D!  

Facilitating integration of 3D into Robotics, thereby helping you to enhance the learning process of STEM amidst your students! 

Training your academic staff on ideas, projects, and activities of incorporating & weaving 3D into lesson plans in the classroom!

Providing an assortment of wonderful 3D charts & models, so that you can create an interactive learning environment for your students!

For all your students & faculties, here’s a beginner’s guide into the amazing world of the emerging technology of 3D!


If you’re clueless about how to integrate 3D in your school’s curriculum, then we can help you with all the resources you need to accomplish your goal! In fact, when it comes to 3D, we are the pioneers, offering a first of its kind 3D curriculum, which aims at enabling students derive a hands-on approach of all the subjects, particularly science, technology, geography, history, engineering, art, and math. With the use of tangible representations, your students can envision complex equations, graphs, and geological formations, in a much fun-filled and simpler fashion!  Apart from that, we can also help you build lesson plans that specifically revolve around the 3D technology!          


Our 3D workshops provide your students with either a first introduction or a deeper study into 3D modeling & printing! By participating in these sessions, your pupils can pick up the skills of using the 3D technology as an opulent tool to connect the physical & digital worlds! What’s more, they also get to practice visualization and simultaneously enhance their critical-thinking, planning, decision-making, and reasoning skills! With the techniques learnt in our workshop, your students can build their own 3D models right from scratch! Much like a game, they experience endless hours of fun, thrill, and enthusiasm!

3D Printers & Labs

When you decide to establish a 3D laboratory in your school premises, we help you with the entire procedure, right from the ideation stage to the installation of necessary equipment. We also provide you with cost-effective, international branded and state-of-the-art 3D printers, so that your students can give life to their creation and imagination!  Easy to use and maintenance free, these printers fuel limitless creativity, whilst offering mind-blowing detail, precision, accuracy, and durability! Further, we also render free of cost maintenance of the lab for its first year of operations! We are fully equipped to cater to each and every requirement of yours, be it infrastructural or maintenance!    


What better way to spur your students’ imaginative, creative, & engineering capabilities than provide quality prototypes of their amazing designs? When your students create magnificent things, we help their vision turn into reality, by making a prototype of their creation! The fact that they can hold their designed product in their own hand, instills a sense of achievement & confidence amid them, and puts them on the track of striving hard towards achieving their goals! It also makes them cognizant of their potential and makes them realize that they are fully capable of solving any problem and challenge that may come their way!

Stereoscopic 3D

Gone are those days when students would bury their heads in their textbooks for learning a lesson! Today, teachers cannot hold the attention of their students for long, if they rely solely on books and a blackboard! Computers and interactive whiteboards have made inroads into education, and the latest technology to enter this space is the Stereoscopic 3D! Revered as the next level of virtual imaging, this technology transports your students into a virtual environment, where they can view objects as if they were present right in front of them! At 3Dom, we help you with the entire procedure of integrating this breakthrough technology, thereby creating a truly immersive learning ambience for your pupils!


Robotics is all about seeing and understanding how some of the complex concepts operate in real life! At 3Dom, we help in incorporating 3D into Robotics, thus making this simulation experience all the more exciting & exhilarating for your pupils! We enable your faculties to gain an introductory understanding of the use of 3D robots to teach the subjects of STEM education as well as the core concepts of forces, motion, and several others! Further, we also help your students in building, programming, & controlling 3D robots, thereby allowing them to demystify the complex terminologies of science, technology, engineering, & math, and better understand how each of them are linked with one another!


At 3Dom, we believe that 3D provides myriad ways of teaching and learning subjects! Before taking the plunge, it is imperative that your academic staff across all levels gains a hands-on experience of the fundamentals of the subject, so that they become adept at creating interesting and thrilling experiences for your students. Through these training sessions, our aim is to help your teachers build a strong foundation of the technology software, comprehend its strengths & benefits, and understand when to use it & how to select the most appropriate tool, thereby garnering the confidence of precisely tailoring the project to fulfill the needs of your pupils!   

3D Charts & Models

Our 3D charts & models are unlike anything available in the market today. Leveraging best-in-class 3D printers and materials, each of these models is as close to life as possible! They offer an excellent opportunity for your pupils to get a hands-on experience of the core concepts of their subjects, be that scaled down models of rivers or canyons, geological formations, anatomy models, replicas of artifacts, and much more! By making use of these visual aids, your teachers can foster a better learning experience for their students, thereby making the entire process much more interesting, engaging, and easily comprehensible!

Beginner’s Guide

Whether you are new to 3D or have already taken your first step towards embracing it, this Beginner’s Guide will provide a quick insight on the processes, tools, and applications of this spellbinding technology! We are hopeful that this comprehensive resource will surely meet your learning objectives, irrespective of your background and skills! You may use this guide to build masterpieces or even gain an understanding of how to tie it with the curriculum and bring it in the classroom! Of course, the variety of tasks one can perform with this technology doesn’t end at what we’ve outlined here! The possibilities in this arena are limitless! Let’s get started!

Free 3d modelling workshop

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